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yesssss we're hot

........and if you're not get the fuck out

***Think Your Hot? Prove it!***
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community on "hotness"(which comes in all shapes and sizes!) if youre not Hot get the fuck out. please =] and on to your application..




(n e thing you feel uncomfortable answering just put n/a)
[x] Name:
[x] Nickame/name we should call you:
[x] Gender:
[x] Sexual orientation(str8/bi/gay):
[x] Age:
[x] Location:
[x] Sign:
[x] Status:

[x] Favorite phsyical feature?
[x] Least favorite physyical feature?
[x] Favorite personality feature?
[x] Least favorite personality feature?
[x] Any talents?
[x] Any Body modifications?(tats/piercings etc. if yes then what)

[x] Favorite bands(5 or more)?
[x] Favorite movie?
[x] Favorite Actor/Actress?
[x] Favorite book?
[x] Favorite color?
[x] Favotite artist?

[x] Whats one thing you're addicted to?
[x] Whats one thing you're good at?
[x] Whats your website(address)or your favorite website?
[x] Whats two words that describe you?
[x] Whats your one single most favorite possession?
[x] What song best describes you?
[x] Whats your biggest pet peeve/thing you hate

[x] Quote:
[x] Anything you want to add:

[x] At least 3 pics of yourself,*(lj-cut please)*put *New/Application or something to that extent in subject*


[x] What a Mod says,goes.Don't disrepect Mods.
[x] Please post within 2 days of joining
[x] Only post YOUR pix!
[x] 13+
[x] Sexy pix allowed but no nudity please!!
[x] Don't get offened over any comments,(we will tell the truth)don't get rude with anyone(because of a comment)this is all for fun people!!
[x] If you get rejected you can try again in a week,with differnt pix please.
[x] We vote with Yes or No
[x] When voting,please give some kind of reason for your desision
[x] Your Application lasts till everyone stamped votes or about 2 days(which ever comes first)
[x] ONLY Owner or co-owner post the first accepted sign,then other Mods can post one if they'd like(we will have lots of diff ones made)
[x] Try to get pretty clear pix posted
[x] If your stamped you can post about n e thing you want. But please put *stamped* in your subject
[x] Rules can change at anytime...why? cuz we can.^_^
[x] No advertising communites unless
(1)You ask a mod(state which modin post) or (2)You advertise ours in return(state that in post)
[x] Have Fun You Hot people!!!! ^_~

[x] Once we have more members, there will be contests,in which winners will get a personalized winner/runner up (etc.) banners,and(to be picked by winner)icons,layout,or some kind of graphics design made by one of the mods.

-Layout made by yourwickedangel (wickedtrancegrl)-



^^ updated soon!

*theme as of now*
show how much you <3 a mod

VVVVV**Pimp the community***VVVVV
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