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hello :]



x] Name: Sarah

[x] Nickame/name we should call you: Sarah thanks
[x] Gender: female
[x] Sexual orientation(str8/bi/gay): i like boys
[x] Age: 16
[x] Location: dallas TEXASSS
[x] Sign: Virgo

[x] Status: dating..i guess

[x] Favorite phsyical feature? my lips
[x] Least favorite physyical feature? hips of course
[x] Favorite personality feature? always optimistic
[x] Least favorite personality feature? i can be a real bitch, but only if you deserve it duh
[x] Any talents? i CANT unwrap a starburst in my mouth...BUT i can run the mile in 5:13

[x] Any Body modifications?(tats/piercings etc. if yes then what) ears, cartilage, tongue

[x] Favorite bands(5 or more)? death cab for cutie, reggie and the full effect, the blood brothers, the judas cradle, refused, interpol, the bled, on broken wings, any saddle creek band...i like variety
[x] Favorite movie? donnie darko, snatch, internal sunshine for the spotless mind (wonderful!!) and pi

[x] Favorite Actor/Actress? Jonny depp, jude law
[x] Favorite book? house of leaves and to kill a mockingbird
[x] Favorite color? yellow
[x] Favotite artist? salvador dali

[x] Whats one thing you're addicted to? driving my car
[x] Whats one thing you're good at? kissing i like to hope so
[x] Whats your website(address)or your favorite website?

[x] Whats two words that describe you? kissy, emotional

[x] Whats your one single most favorite possession? my car
[x] What song best describes you? porcelian hearts and hammers for teeth- the bled
[x] Whats your biggest pet peeve/thing you hate? procrastinating

[x] Quote: "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." - albert einstein
[x] Anything you want to add: i have purple eyes love me



okay bye enjoy. be nice.

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