number 1 in the hood, Gee. (p1nknecktie) wrote in hot2thexcore,
number 1 in the hood, Gee.

the new kid

[x] Name: Kaycee
[x] Nickame/name we should call you: Jaid or Cee
[x] Gender: female
[x] Sexual orientation(str8/bi/gay): straight
[x] Age: 19
[x] Location: Montana
[x] Sign: scorpio
[x] Status: un-single

[x] Favorite phsyical feature? my lips and my legs
[x] Least favorite physyical feature? my stubby arms :P
[x] Favorite personality feature? my wit
[x] Least favorite personality feature? my antisocialness
[x] Any talents? art mostly. i can create art out of the most random things
[x] Any Body modifications? left ear pierced 3x, right one 2x. i used to have my lip pierced but i had to take it out so i could get a job :P

[x] Favorite bands(5 or more)? afi, sleater-kinney, rivulets, super furry animals, bouncing souls, the dandy warhols, the mars volta, nerf herder, vast, tool, the funky bastards, the cure, dexter freebish
[x] Favorite movie? party monster, may, edward scissorhands
[x] Favorite Actor/Actress? Johnny Depp/Geena Davis
[x] Favorite book? Smack by Melvin Burgess
[x] Favorite color? pink, black and orange
[x] Favotite artist? johnny lang, sarah mclachlan, ozzy, frank sinatra

[x] Whats one thing you're addicted to? i'm not really addicted to anything, per se. i do love my afi. and i could live on sweet and sour chicken
[x] Whats one thing you're good at? intuiting and relating to what people are feeling
[x] Whats your website(address)or your favorite website? my site: fav site:
[x] Whats two words that describe you? quiet, self-absorbed
[x] Whats your one single most favorite possession? my six dollar "diamond" ring
[x] What song best describes you? either "this time imperfect" by afi, or "bliss tearing eyes" by dead poetic
[x] Whats your biggest pet peeve/thing you hate people who drive like total retards

[x] Quote: "Yes, I have an iron cross on my arm. Yes, I got it when I was 17. Yes, I would change it to Taz in front of a weed leaf if I could. No, I'm not a Nazi." Jade Puget
[x] Anything you want to add: If you've got something to say about Hanson, say it to my face!

[x] At least 3 pics:

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